which tote do you prefer of the ones listed? and why?


Which do you prefer??

  1. cambon large bucket tote

  2. modern chain north south tote

  3. vintage ligne north south tote

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  1. Just curious about the general preference
    Large cambon tote black with black ccs
    Modern chain North south (like the one swanky returned) in black
    vintage ligne tote (like the one swanky kept) in black

    Please take the poll!!
  2. The vintage ligne tote just looks yummy...that would be my fav. although I like the others a lot too! :flowers:
  3. I pick the Vintage Ligne tote. I didn't like it that much in pictures, but over the weekend I saw a girl carrying it and fell in love with it!
  4. I've had both the Cambon and the MC totes. They were OK. But the vintage tote is just BEEYOOTIFUL.
  5. Vintage Ligne for me too!
    Cambon- too trendy/too many fakes around, big logo
    MC- nice, but a bit too heavy, very casual, big logo

    IMHO, I like vintage ligne because it doesn't scream Chanel, yet has enough signature styles. Vintage ligne is funny, it doesn't look really good just sitting by itself, but when it's carried it's so beautiful and different.......

    I had the M/C and it was too heavy *for me* and just too 'gaping' if that makes sense.
    Also, it slumped over when I sat it down and that bugs me.
    I really like the Cambon, I try it on every time I go to NM, but it's one of their most popular bags which = most counterfeited bags.
    It's a great price for the size but I prefer less available bags I guess.

    The Vintage Ligne is my very favorite right now.:heart:
    The leather is UNBELIEVABLE and it's SO comfy and light to carry.
  7. i really love the vintage ligne bags. they catch my eye every single time i'm in the boutique. i just love the detail of the handles and the pillowyness of the distressed leather.
    if i could afford another chanel, i'd probably get the vintage tote.
  8. I voted for the Vintage Ligne too.

    1. Cambon: Very popular, Great price for a Chanel, but so many people have them. It doesn't have as much of the classic feel that Chanel is so notoriously famous for. Much more casual. I also agree on the counterfeit point.

    2. Modern Chaine: I find this too bulky and voluminous. A bit ironic since I love the baby cabas, but I don't think it carries the bulk as well as the Cambon or the Vintage Ligne

    3. Vintage Ligne: I really like the detail and the size of this bag. The two complement each other very well, so it looks natural on anyone. You carry the bag vice the bag carrying you. I find the quilting more plush in this style than the Cambon also, plus it's not as common.
  9. ^^you gals are the best!! Really appreciate your opinions!
  10. Vintage Ligne!!! :love: By far that bag is the most scrumptious!:yes:
  11. As a Vintage Ligne owner, I'm pleased w/ the results!:lol:
    Are you getting a new bag?
  12. 1. Vintage Ligne tote.
    2. Lg Cambon Tote
    3. MC tote
  13. I voted vintage ligne tote because MC east-west was not an option and I'm not in love with the MC north-south shape. If east-west MC tote had been an option that would have been my vote.:yes: