Which tote do you like best?

  1. I really like these two. Which one do you like best? The first pic is a Bottega Veneta woven leather tote ($1,770) and the second pic is a Gucci tote ($990.)
    NMV6365_mp.jpg E0442122476361_v1_m56577569831116359.jpg
  2. I like the BV. Think it would be easier to carry, as you could either go handheld or in the crook of your elbow. The Gucci would definitely be handheld only. Also like the design of the BV better too.
  3. the first one!
  4. The BV is lovely!!
  5. bv, gucci looks wat too stiff to carry.
  6. Definitely the BV. If you like the look of the Gucci, try the medium hobo in that gorgeous Guccissima leather ($890). I have it and it fits beautifully on the shoulder. The signature plate and leather is identical.
  7. I agreed with Fayden! BV!!
  8. i vote bv too!
  9. I agree, BV!
  10. Another vote for the BV.
  11. The BV looks great, and definately easier to carry than the Gucci !
  12. BV all the way!
  13. I'm not going to be any help. I like the handles on the BV and the body of the Gucci. both very nice, really tough decesion!
  14. the bv looks gorgeous!
  15. I'm a big Gucci lover but I have to admit I like the BV a lot better in this case. The Gucci looks like a trash can w/ handles in the pic!