Which Tote Do I get????

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  1. Hello Ladies!!!!

    I am going to order one of these three bags, but I can't decide which one!!! DF says only one...:crybaby: Because I can't decide which I like best, can you please help me decide???

    Thanks! Your opinions are greatly appreciated!!!:supacool:



    I will be using which ever one I decide on as a nice summery carry-all bag....Thanks again!!!!
  2. I like your third choice, the Capri Shopper. Looks like it would go with everything!
  3. I agree. I like the style of the 3rd one best. Maybe I would like it in black.
  4. Thanks for your input so far, everyone! Anyone else?
  5. Like both the second and third, decisions, decisions, why do we always have to choose...?:p
  6. I know!!!^^^if it were up to me, I'd get all three!!!:graucho:
  7. I actually love the quilted leather of the second one, and I was leaning toward that one, but l love the third, too because it's different....:hysteric:
  8. from the three :

    i like this one the best
  9. They are all cute. The first one seems a little small, though.
  10. All very cute...no wonder you are having such a hard time!

    I would definitely go with the quilted one. I think it's very classic looking - great to dress up or down.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide!
  11. 2 or 3... rather 2 :smile:
  12. I like 3 best. Good luck with your decision!!!
  13. I don't love any of them. I'm a big help right? :p
    If I had to choose I would say #3.
  14. Great choices! I like them all!

    I think I like 3 and 2 the best.
  15. I like #2 the best!