Which Tory Burch Drivers?

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I can't make up my mind! Help!

  1. The croc one

  2. The suede one

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  1. I voted for the suede. I have these in camel and in navy. They are comfortable, but I do think they run a little bit wide and short.
  2. You mean you went up in size?

    I asked a couple of SA's and they said that these are true to size while in the Revas, most people go up half a size..
  3. I don't think the tumbled leather ones are true to size. Also, there are a lot of reviews on Shopbop, etc where other buyers have complained that they run short.

    I wear 8s in most shoes and always buy 8s in any Tory wedges and non-elastic flats. I size up in Eddies and Revas to 8.5. I bought these in 8s and honestly find they are just a bit too short. I am not sure I could have sized up as they would have been too wide to stay on my foot (which is narrow).

    I would suggest trying your regular size if you have a narrower foot and sizing up if you are a bit wider. If the shoe feels a bit too short in your regular size, I would consider not keeping in the hopes it will stretch a little. Even though the leather in mine shoes is very soft, they haven't stretched.
  4. i voted suede