Which togo birkin would you choose - chocolate or etoupe?

  1. I am not faced with the choice, so this is really a hypothetical question. Which would you choose and why? For sake of this question, if you would choose one of the colors in clemence, I would be interested in hearing that too.
  2. With both leathers I would choose Etoupe because it is my favorite H colour. The chocolate would be divine too, especially in clemence!
  3. Etoupe.. its a beautiful color.. 2nd choice would be chocolate though :p
  4. Tough choice! I love them both...guess it came down to which is something that I don't have. Guess in my case I would choose etoupe. I've got a gold, and I think etoupe is different. Anything I could wear with chocolate...I could wear gold...but etoupe...
  5. Etoupe for my coloring. What would flatter you best?
  6. chocolate ...

    and etoupe

  7. Etoupe...but I agree that it is a question of the color that is most flattering to you.
  8. i would pick etoupe bc it seems more versatile. although i would never say NO to chocolate with GH!! yummmy!!!
  9. Chocolate - such a yummy color!!!
  10. i love etoupe:heart: but then chocolate is also gorgeous!!
    luckily (or unluckily) im not in the position to have to make the choice
  11. I like to be different and something that is out of the ordinary. Something, that would GO with everything!
    Something that's wearable year round, Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall.....

    This color would be: ETOUPE

    Someone says: ETOUPE is the NEW GOLD!!!

    and I, agree 100% IMO

  12. I would choose Etoupe because I have dark hair, pale skin and wear jewel tones and black primarily. I think Etoupe would compliment blues, lavendars, purples and pinks well.
  13. Chocolate...lol...I have already chosen... Etoupe does not look very good on me...sad...
  14. I would choose Chocolate (and I would choose Clemence over Togo).

    Etoupe is lovely but looks just awful on me.:sad:
  15. one yummy all-yr-round chocolate for me pls:p