Which TOD'S is your most functional?


Dec 26, 2008
I'm always thinking about form AND function w/my bags. I love the fact that my coated canvas G-bag is so lightweight and just so easy to carry, but I really prefer the functionality of some of my other bags. That said, my G-bag always seems to be the bag I come back to again and again. I know some people use an insert for interior organization, but I don't care for inserts. So, I'd have to say that I prefer the easy access within my D-bag to the deep interior of my G-bag.

What are your thoughts about form and function w/your TOD'S bags?


Jan 16, 2006
San Diego
I find Miky very functional with all the outside pockets
My Pashmy Bauletto bag is also quite functional. It's lightweight, large and has two outside pockets (although one of the pockets is so tiny it's not very useful)


May 26, 2009
Normally function is more important to me than a beautiful look of a bag. So I knew before buying my New Eight Bag that it is not as functional as my Miky but I longed for month for it and I am enthusiastic about its shape and leather. I've got already compliments for it whereas my Miky is completely unnoticed. I believe many find the appearance of the Miky - especially the Nomade style - somehow boring. But I love the Miky Nomade because I can carry it crossbody. It's so convenient to have this option if one is on the way during the whole day.




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Oct 1, 2008
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My husband chose the T-bag for me. He rationalised it as a good buy with his "man's" practicality and true enough it is a very practical bag. It's big enough for daily essentials and then some. I can include a water bottle, a cardigan and an umbrella together with my cosmetic pouch and wallet with no problem. The pockets outside are so funtional and I place my cell phone on the side pocket which makes it real easy to find. It's fantastic!

My Tod's pashmy bauletto comes in second cos it's nylon, I carry it in the rain and snow, thrash it around and it still looks new! The front zippered pockets are convenient too!

Overall, I must say Tod's makes the most convenient practical bags!:tup:

ami kio

May 28, 2006
Down South
Well, I don't have much experience with all the Tod's styles since my only Tod's bags are Miky Nomades. However, I love the style so much that I have 3 of them! :biggrin: It's an extremely functional bag: multiple outside pockets, smooth slightly pebbly leather that can resist weather & wear, lightweight (for a leather bag), structure so that everything stays in place in the bag when packed, and a variable strap that can go from shoulder to crossbody.


Dec 31, 2009
I have the T Media Tote in gray spazzalato leather -- a great neutral that goes with everything. Although it is a smallish tote bag for me (I love a big bag!), it holds a lot yet keeps you organized due to the little pockets on the outside. I traveled with it in Paris for a week as my only bag. It's a great handbag!


Aug 24, 2006
The Miky is my all time fav of my Tod's --next would be the T bag, although I sold my T bag last year, don't think I'll ever let go of my Miky. I had not carried it for a while, pulled it out last week and rediscovered the Miky bag (and the quality of Tod's):smile:
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Dec 18, 2009
For travelbugs - it has to be the Gbag !

Have just roadtested mine and i travelled coach on 3 different airlines, it squishes into that space under the seat nicely. Just swipe it with baby wipes after (to get rid of bagteria) and its as good as new. Used it messenger-style for most of the trip and very little to no pills on the canvas strap (really sturdy). am loving it :cloud9: and more reason to get another color.

ms piggy

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Oct 7, 2006
^ Totally in agreement with your re the coated canvas G-bag. A dream travel bag!

I also love my Miky. It's one of the most user friendly, light, roomy and pleasing to the eye leather bag from Tod's.