Which Tod's bag are you wearing today?

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  1. Please share your modeling pictures as well :biggrin:
  2. G-bag!! Love her!
  3. I was wearing my g-bag today.


    My most fav Tod's bag! :biggrin:
  4. #4 Jul 3, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2009
    It's sunny & dry today, I really should take out my Saffron Bottega but I can't get enough of my G-bag, lol!
  5. Love the G-bags!!! Can't wait for mine to arrive!

    ayshaa, what is the color of your G-bag? Is it the beige one for AW09? It's a gorgeous neutral color!
  6. #6 Jul 3, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2009
    gemibebe, It's the g-bag easy sacca grande in beige coated canvas, beautiful bag, I've got another color too that I purchased before this, a brownish or mustard? Not sure. This is from the first release, I cant wait to get the new ones!


    Both colors are neutral and can be worn casually, I love it!
    I got to take pictures of my g-bags collection, got 4 of them! (can be addictive really lol) :biggrin:
  7. G-Bag!
  8. They're all so g-licious! You girls are so lucky :happydance:
  9. ^^^ loving the G-bags

    Recently I purchased a couple of pre-loved Hermes bags and have been wearing them because they are new to me. I use my grande Vachetta D-bag a lot for travel and my alligator D-bag in the fall/winter :graucho:
  10. G-bag––coated canvas. Great bag! My go-to bag.
  11. my black pashmy d bag piccola...the perfect size for me!
  12. Today, my driving loafers!
  13. Oh silly me, I hadn't read that it was 'bag'... oops! :blush:
  14. hposnm, that's absolutely fine. We all love hearing about shoes, too! I love my TOD'S shoes, and I live in my drivers during warm months.
  15. My smoke pashmy luna media!