Which to stack with my LOVE?

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  1. I just got my free love in PG and is already considering something to stack with it. Originally I was set on the thin Juste on clu now I’m thinking this T wire looks really nice too. Which one would you pick? Thank you!

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  2. I like both, but partial to the JUC. :smile:
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  3. JUC love that pairing on you
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  4. I also prefer the JUC!
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  5. I like the JUC, but wish it was offered with diamonds in the slimmer size for you stack, the diamonds on the T wire bracelet stand out really nice and I prefer it with the thin love. I don’t think you can go wrong with either though!
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  6. I like the JUC. The Tiffany one is beautiful but I don’t like how it becomes distorted over time so that the Ts don’t line up.
  7. Exactly. I love how the Tiffany one looks. But I’ve seen so many pics of the Ts not aligning after a while. And I haven’t seen that issue with the JUC.
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  8. The JUC but after all I am a Cartier fan so perhaps prejudiced.
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  9. JUC
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  10. I agree with you I like the T wire because of the diamonds it adds sparkle to the stack. And I’m hoping that the T will stay aligned if I don’t take it off cause I see that it’s a problem with other people’s bracelet.
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