Which to sell?

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Chi town Chanel

Dec 18, 2007
the Mothership
i'd sell the celine first b/c i think it's a trendy bag that won't withstand the test of time. however, if you love it then definitely keep it! between the cerf and gst, i'd sell the cerf.

I agree with this. All of the styles you have mentioned have been around for a long time, except for the Celine. I do appreciate Celine, but it is a trendy bag. I'd let that one go first.


Shoe and Bag Addict
Oct 12, 2008
Charlotte, NC
I need to sell for financial reason. Which should I sell?

Gst in Boudreaux
Cerf tote in cream
Celine luggage red?

I also have a black jumbo I am keeping. Please help

Celine - just not a huge fan. Of the Chanels - the GST. I prefer the cerf tote.