Which to sell? Abelia or Glitter cabas?

  1. I have been toying the idea of selling 2 of my old but favourite bags since end last year. I think I might want to sell one of them cause I don't have that many formal dinners anymore. Most importantly, I have too many RP bags that I would like to get.

    But, which should go?

    1) Abelia- I love this but capacity is very limited.

    2) Glitter cabas- The shape isn't as flattering as Abelia but capacity is much bigger.

    Which one should go?

    Pic attached.
  2. i love BOTH of them!!! but if one should go... Abelia, usage seems more limited. I agree with you, the Glitter cabas can fit more and I love the color!!!
  3. I think the abelia ... I love the colour of the glitter cabas:heart:
  4. I'd sell the Abelia also...I love the Glitter Cabas, that was one of my favorite lines.
  5. Another vote for Abelia, the glitter cabas is more functional by far :idea:
  6. I say the Glitter Canvas must go!!
  7. Definitely the Abelia- I've never been a fan.
  8. Wow... thanks for the response! Looks like I shouldn't keep abelia.
  9. Those are two amazing bags! I love the glitter cabas, so i would keep that one.
  10. Glitter cabas is adorable! Keep that one, IMO.
  11. I don't like abelia... Glitter cabas is TDF!
  12. Abelia!
  13. Abelia!
  14. Thanks!

    I have just called a friend who has been quite keen and now she is considering. Let's hope she says ok!
  15. Abelia- I love this but capacity is very limited.