Which to save for--Carly or Ergo?

  1. I've been trying to save for a Chocolate Signature Carly and planning to buy one when the next PCE comes but after seeing the picture of Choco Sig Ergo which was posted here, I am having second thoughts about Carly. Please share your thoughts on this so I can make up my mind and be ready when the time comes!
  2. personally i like ergo way better then carly. prefer a bag w a bit of structure
  3. I have an Ergo and I LOOOOOVE it, but I think the Carly looks better in chocolate. If that makes sense.

    As a bag, however, I think the Ergo is a bit better.
  4. Ergo!!!
  5. definitely ERGO!
  6. I love my Carly, have 2!!!! I would go for Carly!!
  7. another vote for Ergo!
  8. I'm in the same boat as you, but I think i'm just gonna get both. lol, I really can't decide.
  9. Ergo.... I'm in the store Sep 1 for that chocolate bag haha
  10. carly carly carly carly carly!!!:yes: :tup:
  11. ergo all the way, but that is really hard.
  12. I vote for Carly....I love her!
  13. :tdown: That is a HARD one!!! I have one of each and I love both. When I had to choose which to get first I decided on the Ergo then got the Carly with PCE. They are both excellent bags with equally good qualites.
  14. I love both... but I'm more of a Carly person. So I vote for the Carly :smile:
  15. i'd definitely say CARLY!