which to keep?

  1. so, i got three bags from three different outlets during my trip this weekend.
    first is a mini sig duffle in black/white.
    second is a black sig hobo (the one that's a cresent shape and structured).
    third is sig large gallery satchel in black.

    i love all three, but really don't need any of them. the satchel is by far my favorite and was $315. duffle is cute and i have the matching wallet and was $135. the hobo is nice, it's a style i've been eyeing and was $250. all fairly decent deals and money isn't really the issue, i guess...but i don't need three new bags right now, especially since two are all black.
    any ideas on which to keep? should i go with my gut and keep the satchel i've been loving? or, for $100, i could keep both of the other bags...
    i don't have pics- my digi cam got lost somewhere from here to asheville to nashville...oops!
  2. satchel!
  3. Without seeing pics, I vote for the hobo, since I've been wanting one forever!
  4. The satchel
  5. hmm im not sure, whichever one you could match more stuff with, or that would hold up better, that would fit all your stuff.. and that you can see yourself wearing!! I wish i could see pictures to help you out..
  6. Satchel, def.
  7. I vote for the satchel, too!
  8. i figured you guys would mostly all vote for the most expensive one. :P
  9. keep your favorite and keep the one that matches the wallet so you have a set. return the hobo!
  10. hmm either satchel or hobo.. i say hobo =]
  11. Satchel! I love that style!
  12. Keep the satchel.

    :heart: it.
  13. I'm going to have to go with the crowd and say the satchel is the best bag!
  14. KALLISON!!!

    If I was near you, I would be hitting you over the head right now! Didn't we just talk about getting rid of items a few days ago? What happened to buying the Ali or whatever bag it was and returning the items we decided to "purge" from our lives?