Which to keep...

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Which bag should I keep

  1. Brown Signature Sophia

  2. Khaki Signature Sophia

  3. Studded Signature Alexandra

  4. More than one...

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi all,

    I guess the background is I have a baby so I need a bag that can hold my stuff and diapers/wipes/etc. I bought the Sophia in khaki op art and brown op art. I love the brown - so rich - but I am a silver hardware girl and it is gold. At the outlet, I just bought the studded khaki (or maybe gold) Alexandra.

    Which should I keep? I am not opposed to keeping all three but feel like there is some redundancy in there.

    Thanks so much for your thoughts!!
  2. I voted keep the studded signature Alexandra. Here's why:

    1. it's got a crossbody option and you will need that with a baby
    2. it's really gorgeous with the stud details--definitely an eye catcher!
    3. this is just my opinion, but I really don't care much for the shape of the Sophia (I have seen alot of lovely reveals, and there's nothing at all wrong with this style, it's just a matter of preference for me)
    4. I think the versatility of the Alexandra is a really big selling point
    5. silver hardware (love it!)

    good luck with your choice and let us know what you decide!
  3. I also voted for the Alexandra. Love the shape and user friendly with babies. :biggrin:
  4. I agree that with a baby the Alexandra is going to be your best bet. Plus I personally like the Alexandra style better than the Sophia (ducking before she gets hit by a Sophia lover). ;)
  5. I voted Alexandra due to the crossbody choice. I was in Chicago a few months ago and saw a busy mommy of 2 little ones and she was wearing the larger one in leather and it was crossbody. She had it loaded up and still had room. I even asked her if the strap was comfy with that much stuff and she said that it was. Just my 2 cents worth! Good luck choosing! I think they are all beautiful bags!
  6. Thanks, all. I appreciate the thoughts... please keep 'em coming. Now, I am going up to try on the bags again!!
  7. i vote Sophia. i'm not a fan of either but still would chose the sophia over alexandra. when i had the crimson sophia it fit three diapers, wipe box, wallet, ocelot coin pouch, make up bag, zip of snacks. that was just the small. it fits more then it seems!
  8. Alexandra all the way. Returned by gathered Sophia today...bag looks funny all bunched up and out of shape with the shoulder strap.
  9. Bought the gunmetal Alexandra and think I will keep the brown Sophia. Thanks, all, for the advice and thoughts!!
  10. My vote is for the Alexandra...especially for the versatility. Perfect stylish Mommas!:tup:
  11. Awesome! :biggrin: