Which to keep whiskey or mousse?


which would you keep: whiskey or mousse

  1. whiskey

  2. mousse

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  1. Yes, I am crazy. This we know for sure! I am keeping the INK b-bag and Prada Antic, and feel that one paddy is plenty. I know one thing for certain: the winter colors will come out, and I will want one. The jade, castor, rouge....something is going to be calling my name. So perhaps I let one of my newest aquisitions go. It is just a thought right now, but just seems like the practical thing to do. 4 bags in 6 weeks is just too much for my guilt to digest. So which would go...whiskey or mousse? Whiskey seems to mesh best with my wardrobe, but that silver lock on the mousse....both are really great colors. So please lend me your thoughts and opinions!! Thanks!
  2. Nutmeg!! What happened to nutmeg?!?! LOL :P

    Ok, so as much as I adore my mousse, I would probably trade it for a whiskey.

    So I vote: keep whiskey.

    Timeless, classic, perfect all around bag.
  3. i agree. i'd keep the whiskey:yes:
  4. I'm agreeing with others, whiskey is more classic so I would keep it (even I'm loving mousse aswell) :yes:
  5. They are both such gorgeous colors but I always think you should get bags that work with your wardrobe. So I vote whiskey!! :heart:
  6. I know how you feel drawn to the silver lock.. that's how I felt when I saw mousse. :rolleyes: But I still vote Whiskey between the 2. Whiskey is more versatile but more importantly, it goes with your wardrobe :yes:
  7. The whiskey is just too common,:shrugs: so, I picked the mousse!
  8. Whiskey. It's so beautiful.
  9. Wow...tough call. I'm with pursemama - mousse is more unusual, less common, and grey is huge this fall. And it has the pretty silver hardware!
  10. yep, but triplets could go for the darker grey for winter at a later date, which still has the silver hardware, and IMO is nicer than the mousse!

    another whiskey vote here ;)
  11. I vote whiskey over mousse. It is an year 'round color, it goes with your wardrobe and the color just "pops" when worn. Every time I wore my whiskey I could feel people eyeing the bag and I'm sure it was because of the color!

    Another thing I always consider when trying to choose between two bags is the leather. Which leather is better? A huge part of Chloe's appeal is the texture and form. A smooshey and pebbled paddington over a smooth and stiff paddington is hands down the winner no matter what the colors!

    Whichever way you go they are both beautiful and hard to find colors.
  12. I vote for Whiskey. There is just something about the color -- so unique. And, I am not a huge fan of the silver hardware.
  13. I vote for both. I'm expecting a few paddys pretty soon and i can't stop getting enough of them..... but IF YOU REALLLY HAD TO CHOOSE.. then i'd go w/ whiskey.
  14. I can't decide. I really love both!
  15. I think I voted for whiskey mostly cause it's the one I *don't* have! LOL!!