Which to keep or sell/return: BV or pomme wallet?

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  1. I ordered a pomme sarah wallet, it came in and I love it but, I am having second thoughts. It is so nice I am afraid to use it. Also, I was to sell my BV to fund the wallet.

    I was getting rid of the BV because I wanted to get away from regular monogram and plus my sister has the same bag. Now I am thinking of keeping the BV (b/c I can use a tote) and returning the pomme wallet. I am conflicted.:confused1:

    What do yout think I should do? I cannot keep both. TIA
  2. I always go for bags over accessories! However, it depends on what you have in your collection - if you have several bags and no wallet, keep the wallet. But if you only have a few bags, I would probably keep the bag. Good luck choosing!
  3. If I keep the BV I would have 2 bags. One monogram and one damier.
  4. keep the BV
  5. That wallet is stunning!! But if u cant do both just return now and get the wallet in the future.
  6. Keep the bag!
  7. I say keep the bag since the BV is your only Mono bag. You can save up and get the wallet later.
  8. Keep the BV!
  9. Keep the BV!
  10. Keep the BV, and then get the wallet later. ;)
  11. I'd keep the BV.
  12. if your def keeping a damier, keep the wallet,and enjoy it....just my thoughts :smile: