Which to go? Plz help

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  1. Hello to all fellow fans!

    Unknowingly I have accumulated 5 H bags in a short span of 2 years.

    I can only use 1 bag at a time and as I just gave birth to a beautiful boy, I think I'll use more diaper bags in the short term till he is older.

    I am thinking of letting go of 1 bag but I need help to strategise which bag to destash.

    Here's what I have in my list
    1) Rouge Pivione b30 GHW clemence
    2) Turquoise ghillie Kelly 35 PHW Togo/swift
    3) Black b30 GHW Togo
    4) Black k28 GHW clemence.

    My fifth bag is my trusty lindy - orange L30 PHW, which I love it so much it is in my perm stash.

    Some advice will really help! Thank you!
  2. Tough decision
    1 your only pop color
    2 your only ghillies which is gorgeous rare
    3 4 timeless classic

    Painfully i will let go 4
    No point keeping 2 blacks of ghw
    All retourne

    When you are more ready perhaps
    A sellier k in 28 or 32
    Any color your choice even black again

    Then you'll have more choices and styles
    Every fanatic must have at least a sellier k

    Congrats on your new born
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  3. i will let go kelly35gillie, yes although it is rare and painful to rid of as you get mature the size 35cm takes toll on shoulder and we tend to go for smaller and efficiency.
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  4. I agree with bagidotic. I prefer Birkins over Kellys so I would let the black Kelly go especially since you have two black bags in your collection. However, the question is will the shoulder strap option of the Kelly be more helpful now that you have a little one?
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  5. Not an easy decison as all your bags are quite special and 3 & 4 are classics. But they do have the same specifics, both black with ghw. I think a shoulderstrap might be helpful now you have a little one, so I think I would rather let go the Black 30 B instead of the Black Kelly. And then you have your beautiful and special 35 Ghillies for when you need to carry a lot of items. The little Black Kelly will be great from day to night when you don't need to carry a lot of things.
    So my vote is to let go the Black 30 B ghw ;).
  6. I would let go of the K35. Unless you are tall, this size just seems too big to me. I would keep both black bags since they can serve different purposes, plus black won't stain easily when you're around your boy (unlike turquoise).
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  7. I vote for the Black B30... Such a classic bag, but I feel this one will be easiest to replace in the future. Can't ditch the kelly bc it has a shoulder strap so you will have both hands free. The others will be difficult to replace in the future, so I think you should keep them.
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  8. Nice collection. The black b30 seems to overlap in color and type/size on the list. It's one of my all-time favorites, though...
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  9. I'm couldn't agree more with both of these! Let go of the B30 Black.

    Good luck with your decision! Most of all, congratulations on your new baby!
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  10. Which do you use least?
    I'd sell the 35. Too big and heavy.
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  11. I will choose 1 or 2 especially the 2 because that is a big bag. Just my personal preference.
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  12. I say lose the K28
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  13. I would let the Ghillie go. It is a very large size for a kelly bag and I have never loved the ghillie style. Your RP allows a classic, yet pop color, the black birkin is a great staple but this would be my second choice to let go because it can be easily replaced and because I feel that there are more interesting dark colors than black for a birkin.
    I don't think you should ever let that K28 go unless you trade it out for one with box leather someday. It is a timeless classic/must have bag.
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  14. I would vote for one of of the black bags. You have another 30, you have another black bag, so that is my first choice, the K28 is more day-to-night, and although it may not get a lot of use now, it will as your son gets older.

    Only let go of the ghillies if you are sure you will not want it again, because it will be very hard to find - and sizes are cyclical, I'm sure bigger bags will come back in style, and as your boy becomes a toddler and you tire of the baby bags, it will hold a lot of what you need, too.
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  15. I'd let go of the black B30... It's a classic but if you have to choose between 2 black bags, a Kelly will serve you better because of the handy strap thus hands-free option.
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