Which to get?

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  1. I’m thinking about buying one of the rings below. One is a ruby with halo diamonds and baguette diamond side stones. The other is tanzanite with pear shaped diamond accents. What are your thoughts? IMG_0975.jpg IMG_0976.jpg
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  2. Wow! Both are beautiful. Tough choice. They both look good on you. I tend to favor rubies, so I vote for that one.
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  3. Ruby of course
  4. For a daily ring, definitely ruby. The hardness will wear much much better than tanzanite!
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  5. usually I prefer blue (sapphire) to ruby but in these pics I like the ruby better
  6. I prefer the ruby!
  7. Ruby for me!
  8. Is the ruby heated? I will go for the ruby if it's not.
  9. Ruby!
  10. Ruby
  11. I love the tanzanite, but it is a soft stone. For daily wear, I vote for the Ruby.
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