which to get tote or classic


Nov 9, 2005
I bought a jumbo chanel classic chanel from ebay and it is gorgeous and it is what I love but I decided it was too big for me. I have listed it on the marketplace and now I am watching 4 different bags on ebay. I love the classic bag and I have the large grey reissue and love it but the jumbo was just too much bag for me. I can't decide between the tote style or the large black classic for my replacement. I want a black chanel for sure but which one I keep jumping around. Christina's tote is gorgeous and she seems to use it all the time. I am looking for something mostly to use in the evening although not an "evening" bag. Is the silver hardware double chains just as heavy as the gold? Pros and cons from all with expereince will save me from buying 2 or 3 bags that I may not want. I want to buy used and there is not a chanel boutique near me until I make a trip down to Portland. thanks