Which to get? Small Bayswater Satchel in Oak or Chocolate?

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  1. Hi ladies,
    I've been going in and out of the Mulberry store looking at the small bayswater satchel, and I have not been able to decide whether to get the oak vs. the chocolate one.
    I love the look of the oak (more so than the chocolate, perhaps) but I am concerned about having to baby the bag too much in order to maintain the condition of it. I once bought a Miu Miu bag in Ivory, and it really did not do well after some wear, so I am now tentative about bags that are too high maintenance.
    I was wondering if any of you could advise re: care for the oak - is it really very susceptible to staining, colour transfer, scratches, does the leather spray really work, and wondered what it would look like after some wear.
    Ideally, I'd like something for everyday use, that's simple, beautiful and functional (and not needing too much care).
    I would appreciate all the help I can get, as I will be flying out of Heathrow this Saturday, I have both colours on hold, and hope to make the purchase then.
    Many thanks in advance!
  2. I think the chocolate is the one for you. I use my oak Bayswater the least of all my bags although she is stunning. I just worry that I will get a huge horrible stain or water mark on her (even though I have sprayed with collonil) so I only use her when the sun is shining..... rarer in the UK than in Australia! hehe
  3. Thanks CPrincessUK :smile:

    Just wondering, is the chocolate really easy to maintain, or is it just easier to maintain relative to the oak?

  4. very easy to maintain :smile:
    I think I only sprayed my choc once and never again! hehe. just as fuss free as black.

  5. Agree with CPrincess, both are gorgeous but for an everyday bag choc is much easier to use and maintain.
  6. I think anything in oak tends to need more care & agree with CP that I'd be more conscious of protecting it with Collonil etc as stains more likely to show up on it. The flip side of it I feel is I find oak goes with more stuff & so you may get more wear out of it & IMO making it more value for money. Really depends on your wardrobe with which the oak or chocolate works best. The SBS looks gorgeous in both colours, I originally bought one in chocolate but ended up exchanging it for oak, purely based on theses reasons. x
  7. Thanks for your reply mrsb5810! :smile: if you protect it with Collonil etc - is that enough? does it do a good job of protecting from stains/marks?

  8. Thanks ladies! :smile: Am definitely taking your advice into consideration!

  9. I have one in Chocolate, even though i like the oak probably a bit better I wanted one i could use all the time and not worry about it! I think Chocolate is just as easy to match clothes with as the oak.
  10. I find it is but I give it a good all round spray every time I take it out x
  11. I bought the large Antony in choc and the small Antony 6 years later in oak. The choc Antony was sprayed with Collonil and, as CPrincess says, never needs babying again! It has been lobbed around in my car and still looks as fab today as it did over six years ago. The small oak Antony, however, I am far more careful with as it will inevitably show up stain far more than the choc version. They all seem to age really well, though, and it does depend on which shade you think you will get the most out of. One SA I spoke to has an oak Bayswater which she's subjected to all weathers and conditions and says that it has aged beautifully and still gets good comments!

    There you go - more confusing fence-sitting! Whichever you plump for, I hope you have many happy years with her! :biggrin:
  12. Hi jen - I would agree with the general consensus here - chocolate would be the best and most practical all round option - but of course oak is such a versatile colour, especially as you live in a warm climate, with generally a little less rain than here (hehe!).....and as mrsB rightly points out - if you are prepared to treat Oak with a regular spray, and be brave enough to use and love, she will over time develop an endearing patina (and indeed more forgiving with regard to stains)....and the collonil really does work (check the old thread where someone sprays her Elgin and then puts it under a running tap...yes, really!)......it just boils down to whether you can be bothered with all that, or be safe and plump for choc?...:smile:
  13. Thanks for the wonderful advice Roxaholic!

  14. Thanks to everyone for your help re: deciding between the bayswater satchel in oak or chocolate! I got the oak after all!!! It was just too beautiful to resist ;)
  15. We wanna see!!! Reveal please!! ;)