Which to get pochette accessories (mini) or wapity?

  1. So following my New Years resolution the organize myself a little more I decided I need an accessories case to fit into my bag (yes, another resolution was to spend less on LV- but the first resolution cancels this one out!).

    I am not normally a huge fan of the monogram (multicolour or regular) but I really think the wapity is cute. The other option is the damier mini pochette (with the chain) in azur or the regular sized pochette accessories.

    Now what I would like to fit into it is:

    Lip gloss,make-up compact, little nailfile, pain killers, asthma spray, mints (or gum) mini sewing kit (the hotel type) and band-aids.

    I use speedy 30 sized bags usually so thats the size it has to fit. So for the already organized of you guys out there:
    Should I go for a mini pochette accessories, the regular pochette accessories or the wapity (which is more visually stimulating but probably wont fit everything in!). And is the epi pochette too ridgid? too big, doesnt fit enough compared to size? or lovely and safe choice?

    I am looking forward to your advice!:jammin:
  2. mini accessories is probably better for what you're after...I love the wapity but it might be a bit too bulky in your speedy.



  3. Yeah, I'd go with the DA Mini Pochette too.
  4. They are both cute, but you will probably be able to fit more in the mini Pouchette. Personally though, I like the regular size Pouchette because I think it is more useful...it will fit more comfortably and you can use it as a small purse on it's own. I am using mine as a purse and I have a mini skinny, asthma inhaler, compact, lipgloss, keys, datebook, checkbook, cell phone and pen...it all fits without a single bulge.
  5. Mini pochette.
  6. I like the mini pochette. Wapities are sooo cute, but right now I think the mini pochette would be better.
  7. OK this is weird b/c I just posted a thread asking if I should get a wapity or pochette lol. I didn't see your post before I posted mine. lol we're on the same wavelength here I guess. :smile:
  8. I vote wapity - you'd be surprised at all it can fit! Plus you can use it as a wristlet when you're on the go with all your necessities.
  9. Compare this two, I would love to go for MC.
  10. Oh Tink thank you so much for the comparison photos! thats exactly what I needed!

    thank you everyone for the advice! I still havent made my mind up, im now worried they may oth be too small. Maybe I should go for the regular pochette? Does anyone use them in their speedys (30 esp)? is it too big?
  11. I ordered a wapity and sent it back for the pochette cosmetique instead. I love the cosmetique and it holds all that you're listing with room to spare. I don't have the other items you are considering so I can't help suggest those, but I did not like the wapity - too bulky and square. I know a lot of others really like it, but I was disappointed, sorry.
  12. Thanks for that? What do you carry your pochette in? does it take over a speedy 30 or Balenciaga city for example?

    nmorra86- you know what they say about great minds! Lol