Which to get - Monogram OR Epi Rubis Zippy wallet???

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  • Monogram Zippy Wallet

  • Epi Rubis Zippy wallet

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May 2, 2007
I'm going to buy myself a Zippy wallet for Christmas and I've narrowed it down to a Mono or an Epi Rubis. I keep going back and forth and I need a tie breaker. Which one would you get??

A little about what I already have - I have Mono, Damier ebene, Damier Azur and Multicolore bags. I also have a compact size Mono and Multicolore wallet. The Zippy wallet that I'll be getting will be my "big" LV wallet. I once had a Mono Sarah but I sold it because the snap would open up in my bag when it gets caught on something and I hated that.

I like the look of the Damier Ebene zippy but I dislike the dark brown interior - I wish the interior was red like with the bags. I saw the Epi Cassis but the coloring was too dark for my taste. I really like the red interior of the Epi Rubis zippy but I don't have a Epi bag so if I get it it would be a stand alone in the line. I'm leaning toward the Mono since it's classic, I seldom rotate wallets (mostly bags) and I feel that it'll go with everything I have but... I really like the red interior of the Epi Rubis. I wish the Damier ebene will come out with red interior.

Decisions, decisions... what are your thoughts???? Mono or Epi Rubis???


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Apr 6, 2010
Definitely the Epi Rubis!! It's gorgeous, it goes beautifully with the Damier Ebene (and everything else), and you also mentioned you already have a Monogram compact wallet. Don't worry about it being your only piece in Epi, it will just have it's own special place in your collection :smile:


Apr 20, 2008
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i'm not a fan of logos but still a fan of LV. i have an epi cassis and have used it for more than a year straight. it still looks great! so i hope you'll get the rubis in the end.


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May 26, 2008
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Epi rubis! I have the zippy wallet in epi cassis and it's amazing! I have been using it daily for the past 2 years and it's still in like new condition.


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May 7, 2008
I prefer the mono because it is more durable over time and the LV print with the quadrefoils just adds that extra *zing* to the wallet. I like Epi in terms of handbags but it looks as scintillating in SLGs, IMHO.

Also, the brass hardware on the Mono matches your bags better as another tPFer above suggests.


May 2, 2007
thank you all for your response :smile:

wow...it's split down the middle 4:4 for mono and epi rubis...they're both out of stock right now on vuitton.com so that helps me have more time to think it over.

19flowers - I agree with you on not being a fan of the silver hardware on the epi zippy


Apr 14, 2010
Vancouver, BC
I voted (for epi) and now it's 7 to 7...not much help :P

Totz87, I love vernis too, but am guessing mono or epi are less expensive. There'll be new wallets soon with the animal print detail...