which to choose?

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which bag do i get?

  1. black patent jumbo $1895

  2. white patent jumbo $1895

  3. khaki baby cabas

  4. 05 black reissue

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Ok gals, impending the sale of my lv gold speedy to a friend I want to purchase one of the following:

    1.chanel black patent jumbo $1895.00

    2. chanel white patent jumbo $1895.00

    2. Khaki baby cabas

    3. 2005 gold reissue in black with gold hardware -need to locate this one lol-
  2. my vote goes to the khaki baby cabas!
  3. I voted for the white flap..
  4. i'd get the reissue, followed closely by the black patent flap. then the khaki baby cabas.
  5. Ok, all three diff choices hehe
  6. Wow, tough choice! I voted for the black patent Jumbo, but it really was a toss-up between that and the Reissue.
  7. All great bags, but I picked the black patent because that is what I want next.
  8. i would get 05 black reissue ... followed by the baby cabas :smile:
    the reason is :

    1- the reissue was a limited edition and it's a classic, timeless purse which can goes with any outfit :heart: while the coco cabas is more like a shopper bag(it's just my opinion :shame: ).

    why not to choose the black/white patent ? because they are classic permanent line ... you can find them easily at any time ;)
  9. Reissue, then the black patent flap. :yes:
  10. what about a black patent reissue????
  11. oh wow, I didnt know that the black patent jumbo is apart of a permanent line? I thought it was season for spring 07? can anyone confirm? TIA
  12. i've seen the white patent IRL and it is TDF. much more gorgeous than i expected! so i'd pick that one for sure.
  13. black patent jumbo, or white patent jumbo, or both? ;) I saw the white patent jumbo today at the boutique, for some reason I missed the white one on my last visit. The white patent is just as gorgeous as the black. I think the white crackled jumbo patent will be my next loot.

  14. The regular patent is permanent, but not the beautiful crushed patent that's slightly distressed, and IMO more beautiful than the regular.
  15. Owww.... tough choice!!! Love them all :smile: but still have to make a choice, don't I? Well... go for baby cabas first, then reissue, then white, then black... there you go, you'll have all of them :yes::yes::yes: