Which to Choose?!

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  1. So I know I want a Louis Vuitton. But the question is.... Which one?!

    I know I like the vernis, and MC and Azur. But I really am not sure which actual bag I would like! Any suggestions please? Under £600. :smile:
    Thank you!
    x x x
  2. Hmmmm Azur Speedy? Vernis Sunset Blvd? I don't think you can buy a brand new MC bag for 600..try a pre-loved one :smile:
  3. I think something in azur. Vernis and mc bags cost more.
  4. Hmmm... What kinda bag are you looking for? Shoulder carry, top handle or crossbody! The vernis and MC are rather expensive than the Azur like the other girlies mentioned above! The Alma BB is £670 a little over budget but it won't be available in the UK until early November according to my SA... You could always buy other pieces pre loved.

    Give us a little more direction as to what you're looking for and I'm sure the ladies will give you some good guidance and suggestions!
  5. Thanks guys :smile: Well, I like the look of the Vernis Blvd...

    I don't want a super small bag, as I already have a few small designer bags and I wanted a slightly larger one. After browsing the site for a while I am liking the look of the following:
    Azur Speedy (Not sure about sizing?)
    Vernis Blvd - I like the look of Pomme D'amour, has anyone got anything in this color that they can tell me about?
    Azur Hampstead
    AHH NOOO :'( They have new MC bags... Two of my favourite things... bows and candy colors. Oh I want the patti so bad!! Ahh I wonder if there will still be one available in a couple years? Haha.

    And I have a question about Azur canvas - does it dirty easily??

    Ohh I am not sure anymore... perhaps I should search other brands for a bag and buy myself and MC accessory to satisfy my needs for now? What do you guys think?

    Thank you!
  6. If you REALLY want a LV and end up buying another brand, you're still going to want a LV. Trust me, the accessories just don't do it if it's a bag you want.
    I know that from experience.

    If I were you, I'd keep researching and look at pics in the LV Clubhouse on the forum to help get a better idea of what you might want.
    Good luck!
  7. If you are only looking to spend that amount then you may want to look at pre-loved ones. I don't know what that converts to in USD. Are you looking for shoulder bags - handheld??? I have pomme wallet and the color is gorgeous, its a red. Vernis is pretty. The Speedy comes in a variety of sizes. Sounds like the 25 would be best for you although the 30 is more common size for everyone.
  8. Coach Lover Too - Hmm... I think I know what you mean... but we'll see ;) What are your favourite MC accessories?

    jeniletv- I was thinking handheld since all my others are shoulder?? And I don't really want to buy a pre-loved, I am a bit of a shiny-new freak! Haha~
  9. How about an MC wallet?

    I have a Roxbury Drive in Pomme and I love it!
  10. Thats a good idea! Those zippy coin purses are super adorable! :heart: Maybe a miu miu bag I should get? They have cute designs...
  11. Depends if you want a shoulder bag or handheld, but how about the Wilshire in Vernis? Neverfull in Azur?
  12. Maybe you could save on top of the £600 and get your perfect LV bag without compromise!