which to choose? Mono Lockit vs Tivoli PM

  1. I've recently been eyeing the mono lockit. Should I buy the tivoli pm first or a lockit? I'm 22 and I usually either carry a small purse, like pochette small OR a small wallet, sunglasses, a paperback book, wristlet as a little makeup bag, and a small agenda. Will the lockit fit all that? Is the vachetta on the lockit too much to care for? Ugh I think I might end up getting both at some point, but I'm really wondering which to get first and would love some feedback from people who own one or the other. Thanks.
  2. tivoli for sure!
  3. I'd go for the MONO LOCKIT .... :tup:
  4. tivoli hands down, its one of my personal faves
  5. I choose Lockit. I love how this bag looks!
  6. tivoli ;)
  7. I love how both bags look. But for me due to practicality I would go for the tivoli. I think the vachetta at the bottom of the lockit would be too much to care for. You will have to be careful where you put it down and if you are like me and have coffee spillage issues... :sweatdrop:
  8. I prefer the look of the Tivoli. Lockit is beautiful in suhali or epi IMO
  9. Lockit is more high maintenance than tivoli.
  10. I'd go for the Tivoli. The vachetta on the bottom of the Lockit seems like a pain. I wonder why don't they put feet on it.
  11. Mono lock-it, it's a timeless bag.
  12. I'm not sure whether you prefer handheld bag or shoulder bag coz I feel tivoli pm is more handheld bag whereas the lockit is more shoulder bag.

    Lately, I use my bk neo cabby everyday so when I change to use the tivoli pm, it's a bit uncomfortable for me, just imo. Pick something you love, good luck!!!
  13. I'm not to keen Lockit unless Suhali Gold Lockit GM so I'll vote for tivoli :tup:
  14. I would choose the tivoli pm. I have the tivoli gm and love it:heart:
  15. Seems the Tivoli would fit best!