Which to choose - LV Mono Speedy 30 or the Neverful GM Fuchsia?

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  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461965323.480421.jpg

    I went to see them and just loved them both. Not sure which one hubby will let me get, obviously there is the price difference. But he told me we can go for my birthday in a few weeks. It will be my first boutique PF purchase.

    The thing is I just don't know which one I want more?

    I even debated the DE Neverful but I fear the straps will be uncomfy on my shoulders. The neverful in Mono was surprisingly comfy. The GM cinched is awesome.

    Of course there's the Speedy 30 which is classic and an awesome piece to have.

    So which would you choose. They both looks awesome on me which helps none. Lol.
  2. They are both great!! I have both and and would probably choose the Speedy if I had to. Now if you were asking about the NF MM I would choose that! It really depends on what other bags you already have and what your lifestyle is.
  3. One vote for speedy. I tried on the MM and I didn't care for it. I love the colors though but prefer the GM size. Lol.

    Let's see. I do have handheld bags. I prefer them. I have a few small pochette and a crossbody or two. One hobo. No totes that are not lands ends type.

    They are both so awesome. Cry!

  4. Oh. Why would you choose the speedy if I may ask? Love to hear the reasons.
  5. If your prefer hand held bags, I would go for the Speedy. The Speedy is super classic and won't go out of style.

    Speedy 30 is a great size too, you can fit some extra items if needed, but it's not as big as the 35. I had the classic 35 and I would knock into things with it, however the 30 doesn't seem to cause that problem.
  6. For me, the NF GM is too big for everyday. I prefer the MM. I love my Speedy's! I have a 30 in all 3 prints and a DE Speedy B 25. It sounds like you could use a tote in your collection. You can't go wrong with either...choose the one you love the most!

  7. I did try the 35 and it really looked huge on my. My friend took pics of the 30 and 35 on me. I was surprised at how large it looked. The 30 is def the better choice for the speedy as I do feel a 25 is def too small. Even the 30
    Opening is not really as bad as I thought it would be. I know exactly what you mean about banging into things with the 35. Lol.
  8. If price is not an issue, what about the speedy b 30? I am not sure what the NF GM costs now, but if it's close to the same price I highly recommend it.
  9. I would get the Speedy B.... its got so many options on how to wear it. Same price point at the neverfull too.
  10. That's a tough choice. I would go for the speedy. I have both and carry the speedy more often.
  11. My lifestyle doesn't go well with only a hand held bag so I vote NF :smile: I also like how easy it is to get in and out of.
  12. I am with them (assuming you like the looks and price of the B). The B is super versatile.
  13. neverfull because I can't do handhelds but that's just me [emoji5]️

  14. I thought if the speedy b but decided against it because I prefer the classic speedy. For me if I were going to do a bag like the speedy b I'd prefer a keep all or larger size speedy. Example speedy 35 and up in a B. Not that I am not a fan of the speedy B but between the classic and B I choose the classic for this size and style.
  15. You're right - they are both so pretty and classic so I see why it's hard to choose! :smile: If you prefer handheld bags, then go with the Speedy. The only downside I see about the mono Speedy is the handle darkening but that's my own personal issue. ;)
    If it were my choice, I would go with the NF because I am not a fan of handheld bags. But perhaps you could get a NF later down the road! :yes:
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