which to choose? Epi Passy PM or GM r/o

  1. Hi Ladies!

    I've been driving myself into a whirlwind headache choosing between bags. Please help! :wtf:

    I got a new office job in NYC and am deciding between the Passy PM or GM. (the PM has shorter handles and the GM has longer handles). Which to choose??
    Does Anyone know if the Passy PM handles fit over the shoulder?
  2. I'd go for the GM! I don't own it but would like to! :nuts:
  3. I have the Passy PM in red. The handles do not fit over the shoulder. Only the GM does. Good luck with your decision!
  4. I don't have it, but I prefer the GM.
  5. Passy PM gets my vote.
  6. longer handles for practicality's sake. both are really classy!
  7. I have the GM, it can go over the shoulders and fit a laptop. The PM is a handheld only bag. Do try on both in the stores.
  8. I just got the GM in Ivoiry, It will hold a lap top, can be used on the sholder or handheld. Very classy bag. I cant wait to get it next week.
  9. Passy PM :tup:
  10. If you need to carry a laptop, you'll need a Passy GM. I have the Passy GM in black and it's a great bag!
  11. I just got the Passy GM in black and ivory yesterday as I needed a bag that can fit a laptop and be worn on the shoulder. I think the GM is more versatile/practical than the PM.
  12. I vote for the GM ... !! it fits your laptop as most suggest .. I just love my GM .. !!