Which to buy: Twilly or Perf Bandeau

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  1. Hi gang,

    I want to get a cute scarf to hang on my batignolles horizontal. I loved Jills Perforated Bandeau but I am also considering a Hermes Twilly. Which do you think I should get first?

    Post opinions and reasons.


    This is the twilly I was looking at:
    The PINK ONE
  2. I vote for the twilly. The LV perf scarf is cute, but there's something about the twilly that I :love: The one you like is super cute, too. I think it will look better on your bag than the LV. I really like that orange one on the first page :nuts:
  3. Christina you have a think for ORANGE! LOL
    I am going to check out the orange right now.
    I was thinking the perf band might be too matchy matchy for me? What do you think?

  4. I do, I love orange! :love: I really like the print of the scarf, too.

    I agree on the matchy matchy thing. The twilly will be different, your bag would stand out :amuse:
  5. Thats what I was thinking too. I wonder if the store has more twillys then what is listed on the website?
    Anyone know? Noriko (Hermes addict) ?

  6. I'd invest in Hermes over LV.
  7. I love the Twilly. When in comes to scarves I'd pick Hermes all the way.
  8. I would choose the Twilly as well. I think it will stand out more, the pink one is cute!
  9. twilly all the way!
  10. i say both :lol: that's my plan.....hermes is classic but LV is fun.....i love my new multicolor bandeau (shown with the hermes scarf rings that go with the twilly)
    Image 5.jpg
  11. I prefer the twilly, especially in a cute colour like pink and all up your hair as a bandana with a scarf ring !
  12. Hi I'm new to scarfs....what exactly does the Scarf ring do? or what is it for?? thanks!
  13. btw, selena I love the pink scarf!
  14. the scarf ring is for holding the two ends of the scarf together.......dunno how to explain it lemme find a picture i posted in the hermes thread to show u......

    it's a handy little thing to have around.....there're a million uses for it
  15. Twilly, definitely. It has resale value (almost to its original price) and it's timeless. And it's HERMES! :biggrin:
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