Which to buy? Opntions please

  1. Hi, I am new here and requesting some help. I am wanting to purchase a new LV and would like opntions on what to get. I am a fairly casual person. Jeans on the weekends and Business casual for work. Any suggestions. O have purchased the Small Bucket bag and the Papillon 30 previously and returned them both. I did not like the feel of carring the Papillion and the Small bucket did not work for me because you could not close it. No purse privacy. LOL. Thanks for your help!
  2. the Batignolles Horizontal would be a good bag for work :yes:. the shoulder straps are very comfortable, and the bag is very roomy

  3. lockit horizontal
  4. Duomo if you like handhelds. Popincourt Haut if you like shoulder bags.
  5. What are your preferences? Open v. zip top? Hand v. Shoulder??? The more preferences you give the better the suggestions.
  6. I would recommend a cabas piano it's a shoulder bag with a zipper top.
  7. This is a good suggestion...batignolles is popular now, but you said you wantd purse privacy...so that won't work.

    Some more preferences would help...

    hand held vs shoulder?

    mono vs damier vs epi vs suhali?

  8. if you like handheld - you cant go past a speedy. if you like over the shoulder - a Cabas Mezzo or Piano is the go (thats what i would go for anyway!)
  9. I think I decided on the Speedy, classic piece. I just can't decided between the Damier or the Mono
  10. mono is more casual but still dressy. i would def. go the mono.. i am saying this even when the damier print is an all time fave of mine.
  11. i was going to say the popincourt haut but seeing that you've decided on the speedy, i think you should get the damier - it's more subtle and doesn't scream LV, all-weather, and less common. :yes:
  12. Lockit horizontal.
  13. Mono Speedy 30! It's a classic and you can't go wrong with that one... Good luck!
  14. What about something like epi jasmin?