which to Buy!!! I really need your opinion!!

  1. I have two inclusion bracelets on hold. Which color do you like best. The new Red color or the clear? I not seen them in person and cant decide which one to purchase!
  2. i like clear
  3. Clear Inclusion!
  4. I would get both! They're both sooo pretty! But... if you can only get one, I personally prefer the clear. Just because it would match everything better!
  5. hhmm...that's a toss up....probably the clear. It will match w/ more outfits.
  6. they are both gorgeous, can you match the pomme with many of your clothes? if not I would choose the clear because it goes well with almost everything.
  7. I'd choose the clear, I have it and it goes with just about anything!
  8. clear!! it goes with anything!
  9. I was in this same position, and I picked the clear one. It's beautiful, goes with anything, and ESPECIALLY looks great with a red top because the little red crystals inside "pop". The red bracelet was not was rich and deep as I had hoped!

    Here is a pic of mine

  10. Clear to go with everything!
  11. I like the Pomme color better.
  12. If you can only one, I'd go with the clear. It is easier to match!
  13. Clear :yes:
  14. Agree with Jane completely. I wear my clear one all the time. :biggrin: Love it and want the GM size, too now :biggrin:
  15. clear too! :yes: