Which to buy first, Rebecca Minkoff or Belen Echandia?

  1. I want to get the RM matinee in eggplant or berry, RM MAM in wine, BE Love Me, BE Indulge me (not sure on colors b/c I wanted petrol but its s/o)

    so, which should I get first? I was trying to find some on sale or with a code so I could get 2, but if I have to pay full price I can only get one....which should it be?

    Im just starting my collection (only have a black bag and a beige bag so far)

  2. I would go for the Rebecca Minkoff.
  3. As someone who is obsessed with RM and BE, I'd get the BE first. I find that i tend to use the BE more. The leather is softer, it matches more, it's more comfortable to carry (fits over the shoulder, whereas the RM does not comfortably fit over a jacket).
  4. hmm, a tie...that doesn't help lol
  5. I like the BE. The leather seems nicer and I like the fact that they are not as well known. Although, you can't go wrong with either choice.:tup:
  6. i just got a RM matinee 2 weeks ago and am thinking of putting it on eBay...i think i got caught up in all the hype about it on tpf...don't get me wrong, her bags are made amazingly well and the leather is tdf...i just think a be would have better suited me...so, i think i'll put it on eBay and with the proceeds get a be!!!
  7. Hi Sukey! Well, I vote for the RM MAM in wine - I have a feeling that that one will be the hardest to find in the future, and may well be worth paying full price for.
  8. What color did you get? I want to know to be on the look out for it since I missed the berry matinee today :sad:
  9. this is what Im thinking....but mainly b/c Im super picky about reds...full price just makes me cringe
  10. No experience with Belen Echandia bags -- so I'm biased when I say Rebecca Minkoff. The quality is excellent, and they're quite sturdy, and they come in luxurious various leathers. I got my first RM (Matinee) last November, and have since gotten two more (Morning After and Get Away Tote). I love them that much.
  11. I did the same thing. I purchased a RM MAM and sold it on Ebay. It was beautiful, but it just looked like a big plain box on me. Now, I am patiently waiting for my BE chocolate LMM.
  12. I didnt realize the BE LMMs were on sale already (new to the brand). Is there a list of the colors somewhere?
  13. I vote RM!
  14. I purchased and returned a RM MAB in eggplant. As Suzi said, it looked like a big box on me, too. I'm also awaiting a BE LMM in chocolate. Perhaps it will arrive in time for Valentine's Day. That would be a sweet treat;)
  15. I have A LOT of experience with Rebecca Minkoff bags, and a little with Belen Echandia. I have a Belen Echandia bag in petrol, and I must say it is HUGE. It's a tote, not an everyday bag. It makes the regular morning after look small. I also don't get why people go ga-ga over the leather of the BE bags. I haven't experienced the crash leather, but the leather of the petrol is pretty, but it doesn't stand out to me as being so different from many others out there that cost less.

    Now, I've had a number of the colors in the RM matinees, morning afters and the mini morning afters. And if I were to be starting my collection, I would start with the Mini Morning After in whatever color is your favorite (the wine is delightful - my avatar is the regular morning after in wine).

    I think the mini is the perfect sized everyday bag. It's not too big, but big enough.