Which Timeless Bag Do You Own ??

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  1. Mine is the Luxurious black suede Birken Bag. I know I will have it for the rest of my life. :love:
  2. LV monogram petit bucket. Feels nice to have a classic.
  3. Sounds gorgeous Pradasmeadow! I consider all of my Mono canvas timeless
  4. Speedy 30
  5. well my bag isn't time yet... coz it still looks new - LV speedy 30:amuse:
  6. I consider my LV Multicolore Speedy, Fendi Cognac Spy bag, LV Epi black Alma, and my Damier Ribera MM timeless...I love them so much, after my son, my cats, oh yeah, and my husband...just kidding..I think?
  7. I think my LV Petit Bucket and Speedy 30's (both mono canvas) are both classics. Don't know if my Batignolles Horizontal will become a classic, but I sure like it lots!!!

    Just bought the Marc Jacobs Stella in antique white, which seems to be garnering "classic" status.
  8. :sad: I don't own one yet. i wold love the have the Chanel reissue 2.55 someday!
  9. My monogram canvas Abbesses ^_^. Pradasmeadow, please take photo's of your BIRKIN! It sounds wonderful!
  10. Not yet. Ok, time to look for my next target...
  11. My LV Speedys - one in Monogram canvas, and the other EPI
  12. Black Chanel 2.55. Truly classic!
  13. LV Speedy 25 - Can't go wrong with owning one :biggrin:
  14. LV Speedy and my kate spade nylon bags. I can see myself using it 30 years from now still.
  15. LV Speedy 25.