Which Tiffany's to get?


Which necklace?

  1. Return to Tiffany's Heart Tag Necklace

  2. Return to Tiffany's Heart LOCK Necklace

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  1. I'm considering getting my second Tiffany's necklace - I already have the oval tag Return To Tiffany's necklace that I LOVE but I want something a bit more 'delicate'.

    Please help me decide between these two: [click pic to enlarge]

    $100 [very good price!]

    $175 [only $75 more, and it's a lock that can be removed]

    I like the idea that the second one's pendant can be removed so I can attach it to a different chain... however, the first one's price is more appealing as I'll most likely be paying for all, if not - most, of it by myself.
    Opinions appreciated! Thanks! :tup:
  2. I would choose number 2. My son got the first one for this girlfriend this year. While it is cute, it's pretty thin. I think you get more for your $$$ with choice number 2. Plus, I think those locks are so cute! You can also put it on a charm bracelet.
  3. definitely #2. number one looked thinner and smaller in store than it does in the photo (which makes the silver look heavier) the 2nd is better.
  4. Definitely #2. I have the regular Tiffany lock in 18k and I always get compliments on it.
    My son's girlfriend has #1. It is very cute, but not a substantial look. I believe the pendant can come off of the chain.
  5. Yeah, I also think that #1, while very cute and a great price, is too thin and delicate. The first one stands out more, and I LOVE the lock idea.
  6. i have number 2...yeah it's versitile but i think number 1 is a little more delicate than number 2. number 2 is hot but i'd go for number one...considering the fact that i have number 2.
    you can't go wrong with both. number 1 is a good price!
  7. nothing about the price...i just think th efirst ones cuter!!! if u want a lock go with the original lock...i have that and i LOVE it!
  8. I have the second one, it was a b-day gift from my boyfriend. It's really nice and IMO a lot better. The other one is just too thin for me. I get compliments on this necklace all the time, I'd say go for it! ;)
  9. I have the lock necklace and I love it!
  10. I like the lock necklace better
  11. Number 2, or course!! For $75 more? Worth the statement!!
  12. Number 2! :smile:
  13. definitely heart LOCK :smile:
  14. Heart lock hands down.
  15. I voted for the heart lock :tup: