Which Tiffany Wedding Band To Choose?

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  1. Hi all,

    After looking at a couple of different wedding bands at Tiffany I've now narrowed down to two. I cannot decide!! Any comments/opinions are welcome. I apologize in advance for such huge pictures as I don't know how to resize them. And sorry for my hairy fingers! lol.

    I'm down to either the:

    1) shared setting band 3mm half eternity


    2) jazz band


    just played around and stacked the rings for fun :smile:


    My own thoughts:

    Initially I really liked the jazz band with my engagement ring because I thought it was more unique and complemented my engagement ring. It sparkled but still made my main stone pop. Also looked really nice when stacked with other plain bands, if I wanted to spice things up. But I thought wearing it alone was not "bling" enough. I also considered the shared setting in 2.2mm but thought it was too thin when worn alone. I do love the 3mm because it gives me more bling when worn alone and sits nicely with my engagement ring but don't know if it would be too much, and took attention away from my engagement ring when worn together.

    Please help!!
  2. I would suggest the 2.2mm. I love mine. I find that the 3mm is too thick.

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  3. Have you consider a channel set wedding band?? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466768647.801930.jpg
  4. Amazing rings!
  5. Hi "MatAllston", your engagement ring and wedding ring are stunning. What the SPEC of your engagement ring, it is so beautiful.
  6. Thanks. My Tiffany e-ring is 1.35c
  7. #1
  8. I LOVE both!!! But I think #1 looks slightly better with your engagement ring. Good luck deciding. :smile:
  9. I'm in the exact same position as you (2.2mm vs 3mm vs jazz band)! Leaning towards the 3mm for myself I like #1 for you!
  10. I like number 1 !!!

    May i ask what size ur finger is?
    1.35 looks huge on you!
  11. Thanks, my ring size is 3.25.