Which Tiffany necklace???

  1. Ok, I have worked my butt off this month and was going to treat myself to a new Louis but decided that I might get a necklace instead. I've been looking on Tiffany website and seen a few I like but am not sure which one would be best. Firstly I liked the return to Tiffany's oval tag and heart tag chokers but I'm worried that they will look a bit too tight. Do they hang slightly more than I'm imagining, I thinking that it will be literally around my neck with no hang?? Otherwise I've been looking at the slightly longer return to Tiffany heart tag necklace but the thing I wasn't sure about was the way the heart hangs, I kinda like the way the chokers are joint at the sides. Which one would you guys recommend? Also, with the chokers, do you prefer the heart or the oval, I think i'm more inclined to say the oval x
  2. im 18 and for some reason i really feel like i have outgrown the choker, they are also very tight, i wish i would have gotten the tag necklace with the toggle
    good luck deciding!
  3. go with the oval because you just said you're more inclined to go with that one rather than the heart. i don't have the oval one myself but the toggle and the heart clasp one and it doesn't do any choking at all ;). with everybody that i've seen wearing that necklace (all the chokers), they have all been beautifully fitted, no choking involved. you should def. go to the store and try a few on because as you may like the oval, you may find that something you didn't expect you'd like actually looks better. Really. that's my best advice. There are many pieces i've liked from tiffanys but when trying them on, i decided otherwise. For example, i LOVEE how the 1837 lock choker looks but when i tried it on, i looked like a DOG!! :sad: i still love how it looks but am not lovin how it looks on me.

    good luck deciding! :smile: and when you figure out which one you want to get, be sure to do some showin off here.
  4. You could always extend the necklace at Tiffanys. They charge to lengthen it, but it's worth it if you like the necklace but not the length. Takes a few weeks to extend the necklace - they usually send it out to the NY store. I don't own the piece you are inquiring about, but I've had chains extended before on several occasions.
  5. ^that is what I had to do.
  6. ya i think its $25 or something to add one link i can't remember it was a while ago
  7. I'm 22 and have the Return to Tiffany Heart Tag choker. Personally, I love it and don't find it to be tight at all on my neck and it does hang down a bit. It all depends on how thick your neck is. My friend couldn't get it to fit around her neck, so she had to get 2 links added on.
  8. I'm not a fan of the chokers but I do have the Tiffany's Heart Lariat.
  9. Ok, so I think I'm gonna go for the heart tag choker, the only thing I don't like is how it fastens at the front. Is this noticeable? Does anybody have a pic of them wearing theirs so I can have a gander?
  10. Personally, I like the clasp in the front. Here's a picture of mine. The picture isn't that great, but I hope it helps with your decision.

  11. Ohhh, my computer is being annoying and I can't see the pic lol
  12. I have no advice about the necklace, but I noticed the llama, llama, duck in your avi. I have that clip saved on my computer and just love it:smile:
  13. Well...just ordered the heart clasp choker!!! Oh, and I am obsessed with llamas, the song is my morning alarm lol
  14. ^ Congrats, you're going to love it! The oval tag is a bit tight, but the heart clasp dangles a bit!