which Tiffany key??

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  1. Hi Ladies
    My bday is coming up soon. And I'm planning to get a tiffany key.
    Which one do you ladies like better and i should get??
    And also the petal key and the primrose somehow have a better value when you look at the carat weight.
    example the tiffany grace key only have a .44 carat and it priced at $6700
    the petal key is priced at $8k but it have a carat total of 1.18.

    Opinions?? TIA

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  2. WOW all of the keys are gorgeous!!! I personally love the first one and the last one :smile: good luck with your choice!
  3. Nice choices. I really like the last one. It's the most balanced looking one of the four here in my opinion.
  4. The second one is timeless.
  5. Gosh, between the first and last I think.
  6. All are gorgeous, but I like the most the second and third one.
  7. I think the second one really stands out as being a little different yet it's very modern.
  8. I love the last one..that would be my choice.
  9. #1- pink diamonds are beautiful
  10. Looks like the choices goes to the 2nd or the last one?
  11. I used to like the 3rd one a lot, it was my favorite, and now they have so many new ones coming out. This one actually have more carat wt in price wise as well. And the last one. 😂,tough choice.
  12. Just to update, i already have a tiffany key but just a different design

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  13. I like them all, but I say # 1 or # 3.
  14. I like this one too. So now my choice is most likely btw the 3rd n last one. I like them all too. 😭
  15. love the one with the rose gold :smile: