Which Tiffany Clasping Jump Ring for Charms?

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  1. I want to attach my charms to my link bracelets, but don't want to permanently solder them on. I like to change my charms around and I'm very careful when wearing them. I have a couple of the older style round spring rings and just bought a bunch of the newer style oval clasping links.


    The SA said they don't recommend the jump rings as they are not very secure and they only recommend soldering the charms on, which I don't want to do. I like the look of the oval links better, but ultimately it comes down to which is more secure.

    Does anyone have any experience or feedback with either type of charm attachment? Do they get caught on things, and have you lost any charms while using these rings? Thanks for your help.
  2. I didn't know they made those oval ones. I have the original round jump rings for my charms and they are not durable. The clasp never closes right or works right and it gets caught on things. I would much prefer the oval one, seems like it would be much more durable. I'm going to try to pick some up myself now that I know about them. I do have a heavy Tiffany charm that opens to attach it to a bracelet and I seem to lose that one often. It never stays closed. So even the charms aren't foolproof.

  3. Thank you for your feedback. The oval links look more durable, but the hinge opens very easily. It doesn't really lock into anything to keep it shut. It's pretty much the same mechanism as the clasping link bracelet.

    Which charm is it that is heavy and falls off? I know some of the lock charms open up very easily. I'm going to look into getting mine soldered shut and then I can add the jump rings.
  4. I had a 14k gold oval jump ring (not Tiffany) and attached a charm and put it on a charm bracelet. Within one day the charm and jump ring were gone. These are not reliable at all!

  5. Ouch, that's heartbreaking!
  6. It's the old present box charm. The problem with the jump rings is they really aren't made that well. The open/close mechanism doesn't work right after using them a few times.
  7. I use split jump rings. You can easily move them with long nosed jewelry pliers.