Which thermal?

  1. If it helps, I already have--pink w/ brown bunny, cream w/ pink breast cancer ribbon, grey w/ green frogs.

    #1-Black Circle Portrait

    #2-Cream Circle Portrait

    #3-Cream Sheep

    #4-Green Bows

    #5-Pink Piggy
  2. Pink piggy is my favorite (so cute!!) and then black portrait! You make me want to buy some primp thermals!
  3. Sheep or Bows!
  4. Green Bows
    Black Portrait
    Cream Portrait
  5. I like the white circle portrait :}
  6. omg they're adorable. i want them all! hope they go on sale like most other primp thermals. anyways, i'd pick the sheep or the pigs!
  7. the cream sheep is cute :smile:
  8. Oh lordy, I don't need to see anymore new Primp prints!! Lol. I LOVE the pigs!
  9. Green bows, it's so different!
  10. sheep
    then bows, then piggies. but all are cute and comfy looking
  11. OMG those are all so adorable.
    I like the sheep the best.
  12. The sheep are the cutest!!
  13. I vote for either one of the portrait thermals! They're so cute!
  14. I love the cream sheep and pink pigs!!! :biggrin:
  15. pink piggy! i got the tank & hoodie at bloomies last weekend