Which textured leather ages better?

  1. Dear Hermes lovers,

    Please share your experiences with togo or clemence - how do they change with time, particularty in a soft Kelly 32?
    I know, I know - the box, the barena, the chamomix - get more beautiful and develop patina, but what about the togo and clemence?
    Which one is more practical in the long run?
    Looking forward to hear your opinions.

  2. add fjord to your list and i've always wanted the answer to this as well. i don't know if they are just much newer leathers, relative to box, etc. and few seem to have experience with them aging. and you almost never see them up for sale as vintage.
    for what it's worth, i have a bag in clemence that is 3 years old (practically a baby) and it's just like the day i got it).
  3. Well, for what it's worth, my 6-7 year old clemence Birkin is pristine except for the tiniest of wear on the corners/piping, and has gotten a little softer (less structured) than when new...the leather has a bit more of a sheen (patina?) than originally. But I think clemence wears great! That said, I am very careful with my bags.
  4. Togo wears very well and my Trim has softened but has not lost its shape. The nice thing is that Hermes can refinish the leather and keep it looking wonderful.
  5. Fjord is another one that ages beautifully, which is why Hermes has kept it for so long I guess...look at the demise of the Lisse - here today gone tomorrow. I asked my SA and my store manager about which leather in their experience ages best, and they said Box and Fjord. But like HiHeels says, Togo etc is still new on the scene compared with the others. Probably in another 5 years time, if we are not bankrupt from buying all these H bags, we can re-visit this question?? Personally I think Clemence may withstand wear and tear better than Togo coz it's thicker.
  6. Whatever happened to Ardennes? Does Hermes still use it?
  7. pepper, greentea, misspiggy this is all good good news!!!
  8. I think only in small accessories... could be wrong about this. But not for bags.
  9. Thank you very much ladies.
    You are very helpful as always.