Which Tempête-Storm bag ?


Jan 25, 2010
Paris, France
Hello girls,

I went to a Balenciaga store today and I totally fell in love with the tempête/storm color. I can't stop thinking about them and it's really really hard to decide which model to choose. I'm currently hesitating between RH Day, GSH Day or RH City. I like the chic & relax style of the Day in that color (really cute on me with jeans) but cannot decide between RH and GH. :thinking:I didn't have the chance to see the City because it was sold out but I think I'll be able to find one in another store.
Do you have an opinion about tempête /storm models ? I know it's very subjective, but which one do you think looks best ? Thanks a lot !! :biggrin:

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Oct 26, 2009
Oslo, Norway
I have just bought a Tempete GSH City and i love it so much!!! The Tempete/GSH combo is perfect, IMO. The color is really gorgeous and neutral, goes with pretty much everything except maybe certain lilacs and bluish purple.

Here is a pic of my bag and a mod pic so you can see how it's on since the City was sold out



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Apr 5, 2008
I actually hated tempete at first but the more i look at it the more in love i am...it's such a versatile color and it goes with everything!! I think Tempete w/ GSH is a great combo in either City or Day style :tup:


Jan 25, 2010
Paris, France
Thank you so much for your anwers and very nice pictures !!
It's true that the silver hardware looks gorgeous on the tempete !
I think I'll try to find a store that still has a City on Monday, to be sure. I'll let you know what I've decided and will post a picture of the wonder :smile:
This will be my first Balenciaga and I'm already thinking about a second one (red or black or canard !!) !! A great addiction potential here ... :lol:
Sep 23, 2005
I recently bought a Tempete RH City - it's true Tempete is very versatile, goes well with lots of colours, and looks good at work or casually. I think the RH looks a bit dull with it though - it needs a touch of silver.


Mar 1, 2006
In the sunshine!
Here's my Tempete SGH PT and none of the photos capture the color true. The first two were taken under white bedroom lighting and make it look too grey; the second two under a sunny skylight which make it look too blue. All without flash. In real life it is a dusky blue grey with a hint of teal. Mine is a darker version as when I was choosing by phone, the s/a sent pics of two PT's to compare and one was more blue and lighter than mine. She convinced me to go with the darker bag because it was a better representation of the Tempete color pallete/description.

I prefer giant HW but only because that's my hardware preference, not because it looks better.

May 1, 2009
Tempete gsh is amazing, but I love my rh work, too.
Gsh day sounds great, it's a casual style.
Just try to wear the bag, and choose what you need.