Which TB Reva's

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  1. I just got a $50 coupon from TB in my email and I am going to use it to buy my first pair of Revas. I am going back and forth between the black w/ silver logo and the metallic silver Revas. Does anyone have the metallic silver pair? Do you love them?

    I am also on the fence about whether I should order my normal 6.5 or size up to 7. I read the entire thread on Reva sizing and I am more confused then ever. Half the people said TTS and half said size up. I can't really try them on because the nearest store is an hour away.
  2. I have leopard reva flats and love them.
    I wear a size 7 normally and had to size up to an 8..
    thats if they have the elastic backing if they don't have that I would have prob. wore a 7- 7 1/2.
    I love tory burch flats.:P
  3. im a us 10 and tried on 10 at nordstroms and they fit me tts. I would get the pair that you would get more wear out of.
  4. i think you should get the classic black ones, they'll give you more wear
  5. I have 5 pairs of revas all in a 7.5. I am a size 7 but hate tight shoes, so half the time I size up to a 7.5 (in all of my shoes not just TB). With the elastic in the back, I think sizing up a half size will do the trick. I have the all black patent and the silver snakeskin with silver logo (not exactly what you are debating between but similar colors) and I wear the black ones more.
  6. I am an 8.5 and own and wear both size 8 and 9 in revas.