Which Tano should I order?

  1. Ok everyone...
    I'm going to buy my first Tano bag, but I'm trying to decide between two styles. :confused1:
    Should I get the Brady Bucket (style 3505) or the Romantic (style 3388)?
    See website, tano bags
    I can't decide but this is a big decision b/c whichever one I order I will be using for a looooong time!
    Thanks, all opinions welcome!
  2. I like both, would go for the Romantic.
  3. Well, considering that my next purchase is going to be The Romantic, I am a little biased!!! :heart:
  4. Another vote for the Romantic:nuts:
  5. fourth vote for the Romantic
  6. Beautiful leather on that bag!!
  7. Brady bag is north/west, has a lengthening effect as opposed to the Romantic. The Romantic would be a good choice if you are tall, because the shape helps balance your whole look.

    I personally like the Brady bag, and have a similar one called the Gerard which is more of a hobo. While I love the slimming effect, it is a beast to find any of my stuff quickly. The Romantic looks more like a straightforward tote, and probably easier to access your items.
  8. I like the Romantic. I have 2 Tano bags and I love them both!! Wear yours in good health!

  9. I have a question for those of you who own the Romantic TANO handbag.
    What are the dimensions of the bag in inches, roughly?
    I am in Canada and the only place that sells them is on Vancouver Island and I live on the mainland so it will be a while before I can see it in person!
  10. Another vote for the Romantic!
  11. Never seen the Brady Bag. But vs Romantic i like Country Muse :love:
  12. I like the Romantic better out of the two
  13. Brady bucket.
  14. it depends on what look you're going for. the brady bucket (my preference) is more hip, and the romantic is more traditional. both are gorgeous bags. with tano, you can't go wrong! :smile:
  15. I like the romantic better.