Which Tano Makes the Other Ones Jealous?

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  1. I'm curious to find out which Tano is your go-to bag? The one that you just have trouble putting away? When you look at all your other bags, do you opt just to stay with this particular favorite? If so, which one? :biggrin:
  2. Hmm tough question. I go through phases - it's either the Truffle Minilisa or my Black Sex Bomb generally. There's just something about those two :graucho:
  3. well,, i have 2,,, a brown sugar matching book end and a new return to roots in wine,,, is too cute and the color really pops... great idea for a thread,,, happy t
  4. My ghost writer in fudge. it's the perfect universal shade of brown, and the perfect size to shove a bunch of stuff in.

    I want the same bag in smog, but can't find it anywhere :sad:
  5. Hmmmmmmmmm I think I use my up close and personal bags and my dangerous indeed the most simply because they are totes I use for work and school and travel... the blossom extraordinaire is getting added to that list quickly too ;) lol

    I would say my minilisas as well but with so many colors I rotate them frequently!
  6. Right now, Ms Gigi my gunmetal boogie is making the other boogie shake in their shelves. I haven't put this bag away since I put my stuff into her!
  7. I also have a toss-up between two. Whenever the Espresso and Caramel Boogies come out, they do not go back in storage for a while. I'd add Dove Boogie to that list, but she's not quite there...yet. Close, though.
  8. That's a good question....I would say it's between my Blueberry Minilisa and my Caramel Minilisa. It is a toss up between those two.
  9. Hm, my Tano love is still new enough, and my start up binge large enough, that I haven't even worked my way through half of them yet (doesn't help that since I'm not working right now, and it's cold, cold winter, I'm not out more than a couple times a week!), but I'm thinking the Boogies will get more play than the others, much as I love a couple of the really special ones (eg. Bronze Homemade Cake and Toasted Almond On the Rise), just because the Boogies are so basic in style, yet colourful, that they really seem to work for & with almost anything. I'm currently giving Baltic Boogie an extra carry day over the other girls, so that's got to make the others jealous. ;) Also, an Emerald Boogie is the only 100% "must have" confirmed so far for Spring 2. BoogieBoogieBoogie. Mmmm, sounds sooo good!
  10. Oh that's a tough ? :P I have three Tanos, a minilisa, a sexbomb and a boogie. Honestly, maybe it's the styles I have but I find they are so comfortable and light to carry and hold everything I could possibly need, so once I am carrying one I have a hard time changing into another bag. Maybe, just maybe, my minilisa is a little ahead of the others (ssshhhh! though!).
  11. Magic Hairdo in black, hands down. It's a great bag.
  12. I love seeing all these different answers. And I'm not totally surprised that most of us have two instead of one :P
  13. Honestly...my green surplus Wunderkinder is my favorite bag and I had to force myself to change out, and have been forcing myself to not bring her back out to get some others into rotation...

    Second Skin is a close second...which is surprising to me...but it is a nuetral goes with everything and is so comfy...

    And then the loved boogie...

    So if I had to keep just 3 Tanos...those would be it!
  14. The rest of my Tanos have caramel envy.... Ms. Inspired Aesthetic :graucho:

  15. This is a cute thread..........all my Tano's are jealous of Faith, my blueprint blue Boogie Bucket......because she and I have a very, very close and special relationship :P