Which Tano Are You Wearing Today?

  1. French Nanny in pewter.:smile:
  2. Return to Roots in purple haze. :sunnies
  3. Switching from my Fashion Fixture to Boogie Bucket in Blossom. ......I "need" to expand my stash....sigh.....
  4. All In Favor in brown sugar :smile:

  5. I was using my Hotspot last week but right now I am currently using a not-Tano. My next one will most likely be my Sound Track in Brown Sugar though~
  6. You have a Fashion Fixture! Wish I'd got one when they were available...:sad:

    Just a Chicklit today.
  7. What color Fashion Fixture did you want? I thought I saw a light blue or gray one on Bonanza recently (not my auction)...
  8. It's in Pagoda -- sort of a china blue. It's a nice color, but not one that I see myself wearing a lot. I'd love to find one in brown or grey.
  9. Using my new to me Violet Boogie!:happydance:
  10. There is an auction in eBay for one right now, in that color. It looks very nice but there seems to be some fading on the bottom of the bag according to the pics. The color is lovely but I'm the same, not a color I'd wear often.
  11. Currently using my Newest Hotspot again in Juniper. Love this color :smile: