Which Tano Are You Wearing Today?

  1. Knaz, I'd buy a plum WU in a second....but I am going for my LAMB bag next haha
  2. ahahaahaha i like the third pic of the business man, burt-reynolds mustache bloo...or if he gets old, he'd look like the guy in those commercials:
    Wilford-Brimley-03.jpg WilfordBrimley.jpg
  3. still wearing my grape NPNP around the...house...sometimes picking it up and fawning over it in between checking on the laundry ^_^ i just sprayed my bb Minilisa and ruby SS with the last of my leather water repellent stuff so they're drying off right now!
  4. I am carrying my NEW Tano QNA! My wonderful, adorable Mom bought it for me! I love it soooooo much! :yahoo:
  5. ^^Yay!

    I am still wearing my Blu Miss Wu.

    But after seeing what the Shopper looks like in caramel on MHB I'll likely switch as soon as I get mine...the brown tassels on that caramel bag..........ooooooohhhh swooooooon
  6. You will have it on Monday! Hurray!

    I am SO IN LOVE with my QNA. It is the most beautiful bag I've ever seen. I am so totally and completely in love with it!
  7. Pomegranate boogie bucket!
  8. True to my word, this is what I wore for errands today:
    IMG_5147.JPG IMG_5148.JPG IMG_5149.JPG IMG_5150.JPG
  9. Grape Boogie for the 3rd day in a row!
  10. haven't stopped carrying the caramel biker babe since i got it - it's too gorg to put away!
  11. TK you make that Minilisa look so tempting! :drool:
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    ^^Yeah....TK is the Minilisa queen!!!!

    Love the optic wristlet w/ that Minilisa, TK!

    I won't be putting away Blu Miss Wu today...but I won't really carry her either. I plan on going no where until we leave for the Stars game (:yahoo:) and I don't ever carry anything to the game.
  13. Grape Boogie. . .Day 4
  14. Thanks guys! When I saw the wristlet I knew I had to have it for an accessory to my minilisa! And the yellow one makes me feel so cheerful! It's been cloudy here lately which is WEIRD and it brightened my day!
  15. I am going to take my daughter to see Coraline and a bit of shopping downtown. I am gooing to take the truffle GW out for the first time. My daughter is insistant about carrying the yellow Boogie Bucket I fixed up. She loves that bag and has decided that yellow is her new favorite color.