Which Tano Are You Wearing Today?

  1. if i hadn't gone nuts :blush: falling in love with tanos after buying my first, my Shopper, i wouldn't be able to wear them for different occasions! though i need to use my SS sometime...v-day dinner! and SS is ruby! it sort of looks boho with the patchwork? i'm planning on wearing these earrings with white , shaggy-looking feathers almost 12-inches long, haha :graucho:
  2. Ooo:huh:ooouuuuwuwuuuuuu hehe! gorgeous bag, voodoo!
  3. ^^Thanks, 'Tea.... that WU and I are in complete love with each other :p
  4. seeing WU makes me think of the chinese name... the blu miss wu haha ^_^ ...i think i'm still sticking with grimace as my grape shopper-- it's HUGE and purple! i have no idea what i'll name my other tanos...
  5. haha I LOVE IT

    Blu Miss Wu it shall be!

    My only other named Tano is Mouse (my truffle PT).
  6. maybe if there was a berry blue shopper i wouldve named it something like Blooble or something cute... like bloo from a show on cartoon network


    hehee but the WU needs a more sexy, sleek-sounding name ;D

    hahahahha mouse! awwww
  7. Blue Miss Wu is an awesome name. Makes me think of a little blue-haired Asian lady :smile:(disclaimer: my grandmother is a little purple-haired Asian lady)

    Hey guys B.B. got a compliment today. The gal who was ringing me up at Target said "What a pretty bag!" So I did a plug for Tano "It's a brand called Tano. Around here you can only get them online".
  8. HOLY crap 'Tea..... :roflmfao::roflmfao: Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is one of my VERY FAVORITE shows and Bloo and my DD have VERY similar personalities hahaha I call her "Bloo" sometimes hahah

    Blueue.gif fosters_bloo_costumes.jpg
  9. Aw I already love your grandmother!!!!!!! And HELL YEAH.... that is officially my Women Unite's name! Blu Miss Wu all the way hahahaha

    And don't you love getting compliments on your bags??
  10. I totally swooned. I couldn't help it.:p
  11. ^^I would have too hahaha
  12. I think "Blu Miss Wu" needs to be a song!
  13. I'm carrying my truffle You Only Live Twice and if anybody sees anymore You Only Live Twice bags for sale please let me know! I love this bag.
  14. my grape GW.... as usual!!!
  15. Voodoo....that Women Unite is growing on me.