Which Tano Are You Wearing Today?

  1. Berry Blue Women Unite here....(she hasn't been put away yet haha)
  2. The lovely boot brown lhasa apso - my favorite Friday bag.
  3. Black up close and personal!
  4. my anti-chic, of course. currently my only Tano...i couldn't imagine having enough tanos for each day of the week...!! (though at this rate, who knows...) i tend to stay with one bag for a while tho, or change based on outfit if necessary...
  5. Have I mentioned how much I want my grape FF to arrive? (Yes, I know. I've mentioned it one million times). I only have one other Tano, and I'm not carrying it today. I'm carrying a very cute Fossil fabric bag.
  6. grape shopper! until i got my grape Neither Paper Nor Plastic! i wanna use my berry blue Minilisa when spring hits :biggrin:
  7. My cobalt Rapunzel. I had two classes today and I was able to fit all of my junk in it, including my big laptop.
  8. i really like the idea for this thread! :biggrin: its fun , seeing what other tanos across the country are up to :woohoo: yay voodoo!
  9. B.B. (BB Biker Babe) and I have been inseparable!
  10. I need some more pics Voodoo. I don't know what my fascination with this bag is but I am enjoying watching it break in.

    If you had asked me two days ago I would've told you my Grape Boogie. But I am not carrying a Tano at the moment.
  11. ^^Are you joking....you want me to take pictures of my WU?! :lol: I will happily oblige..... but I'm cooking at the moment ...but I will in a bit. :p
  12. No joking!!! I wanna see moreeeeee!
  13. Yay! Okay...as soon as Battlestar Galactica is over hehe
  14. I think, when I run errands this weekend I will wear my pineapple minilisa!!
  15. I can't believe it's been a full 30 days since I got her!

    Without flash:


    With flash