Which Swing pack?

  1. I have the opportunity to get a regular style swing pack for a cheaper price so should I choose that and return the monogram swing pack that I paid retail price for. I honestly don't think I will use this purse unless it's for vacations and parks/zoo stuff with the family but I still want what looks the best and will stay in style longer. I also have a monkey keyfob to go with it.
    smallc.JPG swingpack.jpg
  2. if you dont mind the Cs then go for the first one, that would always look good imo, and then you can add the monkey keychain to that one as well! do you have any pictures of the monkey ? :biggrin:
  3. This is the monkey keyfob. I just think it's soooo cute.
  4. I prefer the signature stripe swing pack, and don't think it will look "dated," even if/when they stop making the style. If you like a higher density of C's, though, I think you should save the money, return the stripe pack and get the classic signature one.
  5. I prefer the stripe and I would get it monogrammed too
  6. I like the stripe. OMG the monkey keyfob is sooooo cute!
  7. I'd go with the stripe but would NOT get it monogrammed....unless you've seen the monograming in person and know you like it.
  8. i'm gonna go with the one on the left.. the style is better..:love:
    i am searching now for a non monogrammed swing (from any brand!) that could serve me as a vacation bag.. but so far no luck!
    but i think the monkey would clime better the right one!! :huh:
  9. i just think compared to the other one the right looks cheaper. i like the overal design like someone above said. nand you can still do the monkey, it cutens it up.
  10. i was too, but for everyday stuff, then i found mulberry..:love: :love: :love: