Which sweater dress?

  1. I can't decide. I've been bitten by the sweater dress bug.

    $82, by Karoo Mark Eisen
    I'm worried this dress will look to drab on me since I have long black hair and dark skin (I'm Indian). Like..too much dark color.

    $92 by Karoo Mark Eisen
    I wonder if I can wear this dress backwards..I think the deep V in the back would look better. I feel like this is a very common style and I could find tons of dresses cheaper elsewhere.

    Also, has anyone bought a dress from this company? Does it fit true to size or does it run small? Dunno if I should get XS or S.

    Will I be able to wear these dresses in early winter as well? With leggings? I can't tell..cuz they are sleeveless and I don't know what I'd be able to put on top of it just in case!

    I really can't decide. I'm going to NYC next week with my cousin to hang out...I'm wondering if i should save my money instead and d shop there but this is such a good deal on Shop Bop!
  2. I like the first dress better. I don't think you'd be able to wear the second one backwards, it might look a little odd.
  3. I also like the first dress better.
  4. I prefer the first as well. I think its more versatile.
  5. I vote for the second dress. It's more versatile since you can layer different tanks and shirts under the V-neck. I also agree that the first might be too drab
  6. like the second one, wear with different colors of camisoles.
  7. I like the first one...it's different and I think it's very versatile. Lots of ways to wear it!
  8. i like the first one better!
  9. #1
  10. i think the second one better because i think you can mix and match to create mutiple outfits!
  11. I prefer the second, the first doesn't really seem like a sweater dress to me.
  12. The darker dress is very pretty. I have always been a sucker for a turtle neck sweater dress.
  13. love the first one, it's gorgeous!
  14. I like the first one
  15. i love the first dress. where can I buy one?