Which SUV would you buy?


Which would you chose?

  1. Porsche Cayenne GTS

  2. Mercedes GL550

  3. Range Rover Sport

  4. BMW X5

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  1. My DH and I are looking into getting a new SUV this summer, We can't decide between the new Porsche Cayenne GTS, Mercedes G550, Range Rover Sport, or the BMW X5 :shrugs:
    Which would you buy and why?
    porschecayennegtsdriving.jpg 31_2008_Mercedes_Benz_GL550_S.jpg range-rover-sport-le-front.jpg nurburgring_x5.jpg
  2. I would first say the Benz, because I drive one(not that model though) and I LOVE it! Its a fantastic car. But, I just LOVE the Porsche:girlsigh:
  3. Range Rovers have horrid reliability. To be honest, none of these appeal to me for a choice of SUV but the Range Rover would be at the bottom of my list of these 4.

  4. what would you chose for an SUV?
  5. The Mercedes GL550 would be your best choice...I was just looking for a new SUV this weekend and I am really thinking about trading my Hummer2 for a Mercedes GL550 because it drives great!! not that hummer2 dosent, but its great to change.
  6. What will you be using the car for? Is it just the 2 of you?
  7. Sorry, I'm a party pooper, but I wouldn't buy an SUV at this point. Gas is too expensive and SUVs just aren't environmentally friendly.
  8. Yes, I have had SUV's for the last 5 years or so and this last time I traded my Infiniti FX45 (SUV) in for a Lexus GS350 and although its a nice car... its a car and I hate it, LOL
    I just have to have an SUV again, Right now its just the 2 of us but we will be planning a family soon (Within the time of having the next car, Hopefully)
  9. i saw a GL550 today and thought it was a beautiful machine, even though i'm not much of a mercedes girl. i test drove the X5 in '04 when i got my SUV, and wasn't overly impressed with it (just as my dad hadn't liked it when he test drove it 2 years previous, when he bought a BMW sedan)

    I ended up choosing a Toyota 4Runner, a good $10,000-15,000 less expensive than any of the cars I test dove and MUCH less expensive than the other SUVs that my parents wanted me to choose (my dad wanted me to get a Land Rover, my mom wanted me to get a Lexus - it was my high school graduation present). Almost 4 years later, I'm more glad than ever that I didn't go with a more expensive car just because it was more expensive or more flashy. Every time I see my 4Runner, I want to hug it. I wouldn't trade it for any of the luxury SUVs pictured.

    what is it that attracts you to these cars? what are you looking for in a vehicle? is there anything particularly special you need it to be able to do?
  10. I have the BMW SUV ....Im literally dying over giving it up for a BMW sedan(Kids are older and I want a car..SNIFF!)..I adore it.It has been the BEST car I ever had.Its my 4th BMW and my all time most fave one.It drives like a car and handles FANTASTIC in bad weather.Great,Im talking myself out of picking up my new BMW next week..LOL...
    SERIOUSLY.....I cant say enough about the BMW.
  11. The ranking for them for me would be:

    1. X5
    2. G550
    3. RR Sport
    4. Cayenne

    I've been in all four and I own the G550, I don't think you can go wrong with any of them.

    What color are you looking at getting?
  12. Probably Black, I dont know, LoL
  13. It depends on what you want an SUV for. Do you need a lot of space? Or do you want just a big car?

    I would buy the Range Rover if it weren't for reliability issues, just for the looks :lol: IMO the Cayenne is too small on the inside. The X5 is too common (sorry Jill! :shame:smile:. You don't see the GL very often on the road, and it definitely fits a lot! So yes, I'd choose the GL over all for practicality and design.
  14. I have an X3 & am sorely lusting after an X5!
    No make equals BMW in my book! Ardent diehard fan!
    Total reliability, I have always driven a BM since I was single except for a few years when ex was too miserable to buy me one despite driving a Merc & a Jag himself! DUH!!!!
  15. We have three Mercedes. My DH has a GL 550 and an E 550, and I have an ML 550. This is my second one....I just traded in my ML 450 in December. Mercedes is a wonderful car, but so are all the others on your list.

    My DH used to have a BMW SUV that we absolutely loved. I actually cried when he sold it. I think the Range Rovers are nice looking and look like they could go just about anywhere!