Which sunset bag?

  1. I really want something in sunset. I like the large veneta but I don't know if I want to spend this much $$ on a trendy color. The little messenger crossbody is cute, but not much is going to go in it. The little crossbody that zips across the top is cute, too. I was kind of laying low because I will have a couple of NM gift cards that I could use but I haven't gotten the big one and won't until late March. But now I see NM is sold out of it so if I buy it, I probably have to get it at the BV store so no gift card. Help. Which one should I get? I could probably call a SA at NM and he could track it down. Does anyone have sunset? Do you like it? Do you wear it alot?
  2. Just want to share that a light/bright color bag might not be the best to get in the messenger style especially if you wear jeans alot.....I learned that lesson the hard way...........
  3. ur jeans will transfer color to a light bag
    they can clean it but it will never come completely clean
    I would get a dark messenger and get a satchel or shoulder bag in sunset
  4. Ok, thanks for this advice, Ladies.
  5. I saw this color at NM and I thought it was a more neon yellow. It was almost mustardy. Is that right? Do you think the SA had the wrong tag? Is there a more mustard yellow veneta? I actually didn't like it as much as I thought I would. I saw another bag I liked better. It is the north south bucket bag. The one at NM had been returned even if the SA said it hadn't. The cards were all trashed and the magnetic closure didn't work.